Do I have to be Opinionated to be a Journalist??

I have been thinking about what being a journalist is all about?? Often we talk in class about the very ethical ideas of truth, humanity, duty .... anyway I am not gonna get into why that is pretty obsolete kind of stuff, because they are more or less totally subjective.
Today we saw a fascinating movie in class 'The China Syndrome' about a nuclear plant and how a defect in it's making comes to light or doesn't come to light. (The outcome is not shown) There is a large bit about broadcast journalism in it that is the reason we watched it. It is a 70's movie, my professor said that at this time something known as balanced journalism was followed. According to this school of thought both sides of a situation are spoken by the anchor. This was followed in print also in the 70's in America.
Now however newspapers are very much opinionated, and they all seem to be taking a stand. There are other schools of thought which say that newspaper's stand on the situation should be a part of telecast.

My view however is towards balanced journalism, so that the viewers can make their choice and because usually there are 2 sides to the story and the solution lies in the middle. 

Taking the question conversely Does being opinionated make me a journalist, well not really cause in media now a days as we change channels one would have to change their opinions also. :D
Anyway I don't have any first hand experience in journo yet, I generally like dabbling around with theories. 

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