Indians Win at the NASA Space Settlement Contest 2008

 NASA Space Settlement Contest Winners have been announced and 6 of the 11 first prize winners are Indians!! It is amazing!!

They received a total of 156 entries which I thought was a very low number from all over the world, participating in this contest, designing a space settlement.

Oddly the 3 online articles I found abt this win, highlights only one of the winners, Ayon Pal! I have no expalantion for this :p
2 of the winners are Kolkattan, the rest from Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Punjab and Maharashtra. 

I actually wanted to participate myself in this contest. Hmmm.... maybe next time. Anyone interested?? ( Just realised there is a age limit of 13-18 yrs to this contest :) )

Here you can watch a video of the grand prize winner who are from Constanta, Romania the PDF of their entire project can be accessed here. It is a project called DACIA's and looks very interesting. I will have to read it and might write more about it...

*Note: this news I found on today, on later research I realized this happened a long time ago in May, 2008. :D HAhahah what is Yahoo upto!! Anyway I let the post be cause it is interesting stuff though old. 

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