Digital Media's New Responsibility and Kudos to TIMES NOW

 Will be putting up a few posts related to the terror activities happening in and around Mumbai. 
Another new aspect that has come to my notice, the TV has now extended the service where commoners directly affected by or having any news of the terror attacks can call TV channels and report. Atleast I am seeing this in Times Now.

They have gotten a few calls from people trapped in Taj, and the anchors have been very clear about not disclosing the location of these people in the Taj cause the terrorists would also be watching TV.

With the advent of mobiles, mobile internet connectivity, laptops etc... these kind of hostage situations have gained new turns where some times media can actually talk to hostages and sometimes even the perpetrators of the crime. 

One of the first incidents where this happened was when a couple of students took a school hostage somewhere in America I forget the name.
The trapped students started calling up from their mobiles and started writing what was happening live on the internet. So some of them disclosed on air how they were staying away from the criminals and well the criminals also happened to be tuned to the television broadcast. 
Thus they got on tracks of these hidden students and the episode got ugly due to media intervention. So it is definitely good to see the media handling this situation is now taking these things into consideration! 

Times Now has clearly disclosed that they will not be talking any strategy, specific locations and such stuff on air.

Though ofcourse they are showing footage of where the military is placed outside but well I think they are still doing a great job. Some of them have been in studio from the beginning staying awake all night long I think that is amazing.

So Kudos to TIMES NOW who I think is doing a fantastic job of covering the terror attack on Mumbai!!

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