Crisis Response

 Just saw this kick ass program on TIMES NOW, will high light some salient points discussed by this panel
  • By the very nature of terrorism you cannot prevent it. What can be done is create a crisis infrastructure so that post the attack the police and government do not show their complete ineptness at handling the situation! 
Some absolute criticism for the state government:
  • Why are we seeing our police men going out into combat situations dressed in nothing more than their uniforms lacking any protective gear?
  • Top cops were protected by a skimpy bullet proof vest, but which was even less than a vest!
  • The way injured men were lifted of streets was horrible!
  • A policeman with a bullet in his tummy was carried of in another mans lap, being cradled like a child on the motorcycle. Such ineptness and lack of professional handling can worsen even simple injuries on such occasions. This guy I don't think had any idea of what he was supposed to do if he found himself shot.
  • No system for families to locate bodies of their dead ones, injured being dumped at hospitals.
  • Hospitals asking for blood donation. Why weren't emergency blood banks made for precisely these attacks which were not really unexpected!! I mean the whole country has been getting bombed!
What I want to say now is that I myself and I think many more were just waiting for the next terror strike which would hit Mumbai. The terrorist group that took resposibility for the Delhi, Ahmedabad blasts had said Mumbai was their next target. 

I don't want to criticize the police and government too much cause they were taking some precautions. Like the security at the stations and stuff. Often I myself saw many a times bomb squads checking out suspicious material. 

However again as I mentioned in another post of mine that I think that anti terror efforts need to be channelized well with a great understanding.
Emergency blood banks, medical volunteers for hospitals should have been arranged for, so that when the reporters go to these places to get stories they shouldn't be met by blood, gore and chaos. God knows what the injured face, maybe the ordeal at the hospital could be the worst of all their trials.

Police need to have protective clading!! They should have medical training so they know basically how to hold, lift injured people. They should know what to do when shot or injured! 

In fact there should be another volunteer base of some 20-25 yr olds who can just be called to maintain some sort of order with the onlookers in a crisis situation. As is evident on the hit locations that many people have just come there to see the 'show'. The police need not deal with these guys let their be youth who take active part in what the city faces. 
Also from what I have seen there are many concerned youth who would come forth if they can be utilized; but the government was busy with election campaigns I think.

As some hot shot said, the youth are not useless they are just not used well.

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