Narmada Bachao Andolan

 Just came across this really touching article about the Narmada Bachao Andolan. I myself don't know about the situation first hand but what this Dr. from IIT and IIM has written seems quite authentic and to the point.
From a couple of my professors who do know the Maharashtrian government people said that its not that the government ministers  do not want to do anything for the good of common people but often they lack visionaries and people who can really think things through and really see the situation in its depth and do justice to both sides. 
I consider this as a bigger barrier to development than corruption and other baser realities. When people want to do something but lack the right channel to do it.

This was one of my reasons for joining a NGO. Because I come from an understanding that most people wanna help others, the problem is not the lack of willingness to help. It is the lack of an understanding which allows a person to help another. Certain depth and perception is needed to help another person. First of all you within yourself need to be well settled and then you need to see what that person is and what he needs. 

Otherwise your interference in his life could just be like the story of the boy who killed the butterfly.

The story: This boy really loved nature. One day he was walking by some plants and he saw a butterfly was wrapped in a cocoon. This caught his fancy and he came to see this everyday. On one such day when he went to see the larva he was over joyed at seeing a crack in the larva, the butterfly was really struggling, trying to break out.

With all his good intentions he decided to 'help' this 'poor creature' and broke the cocoon himself and the butterfly was free.

Now the boy left with a good feeling inside him feeling on top of the world BUT what he didn't know was that naturally the butterfly had to break the cocoon and in this process the wings of the butterfly got strengthened. This did not happen and now the butterfly was actually maim cause his wings were very weak.

So generally I consider pity as something very audacious cause who the hell do you think you are to pity any body!! Anyway I am digressing I hope I have made myself clear.

Government officials have great responsibility.... and they need to have a lot of understanding to do anything well.

So now you'll can read this Narmada Bachao Andolan article :) This site has some other interesting articles as well, do take a look and if you find it interesting let me know. It also has links to Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary.

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