Changing times....

I am not talking of changing times facing the world, now that Obama has been elected :p 

I was just thinking about how the retail market has changed. 
Just some 12 years ago I remember as a kid I wanted to wear cool clothes blues, yellows and pinks; but nothing of the sort was available. Pants would mean brown, black or dark blue. T-shirts would mean striped or checked prolines.

In a few years the markets changed and there was a flood of cool clothing for kids! Gini and Johnny was my favourite for many years. This varied clothing allowed me a large say in what I bought.

With the advent of web 2.0, the retail markets are getting totally revolutionized! Consumers are now getting a large say in not only what they buy but a large say in what gets produced!

Take for eg the many customizing outlets in the mall near your house or the many online portals that enable this service! This way the mugs, tees and other accessories produced are what you want.
Even at Inkfruit, designers are submitting awesome designs but finally what gets produced is people's choice!

I think this is just amazing!!

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