UN MDG Summit - Day 3 and 4

So the summit is not yet over, Day 3 is the day that the delegates are sent to make a documentary which was to be submitted next day by 4 pm. Most of them had no prior experience with cameras or editing softwares.
The various groups went to places related to their goal nearby villages, NGO's. My group went to press office of the Express Group at Mahape, New Mumbai and the to the office at Nariman Point.

The highlight of the day was when I took my first semi professional interview of the Indian Express, Editor of Mumbai, Mr. Rajesh! Now this bit is important to me, I will explain why later.
Basically I went with a bunch of people who would film the interview and stuff. 
I briefed him that he had to speak about, "what according to him was media's role in achieving a global partnership for development over the world".

He took a few minutes to think while the camera got adjusted and stuff.
Then he spoke, maybe for a minute or two.... but what he said was really, really good stuff. He pretty much hit the point on the head. 
I can't repeat what he said because I don't have such memory but it was about media giving coverage to all parts of the world who were in trouble not just those in whom the western countries had some vested interest... 

Well so this is kudos to him! Often media is criticized for its sensationalism and all but frankly I think this dude was cool. :)

So anyway what happened other than that was basically one of the worst team experiences I have had!!

It was 89% quibbling, arguing and bossing around and 11% work IMHO :p

What happened the next day was worse cause most of the people in the group were absolutely and totally side lined just a few people were allowed to come close to the documentary and editing team. These few people included the top guys friends and the editing maestro.

The editing guy had good editing experience and did a great job technically! BUT the content was handled horribly!

The interview of this editor was almost completely removed! (hence I have made it a point and mentioned it here) In its place was a russian girl talking about a fairy tale
(The 'one stick can easily be broken but a bundle of sticks can't be snapped' one) 
Not only was this fairy tale cliche it was also inappropriate for the Goal 8! 

At the end our documentary was well, bad! It didn't have much point to it. Such obvious things were over looked by the editing team that it is not even worth pointing out here!

I had horrible memories of the classmates in college who are mean to others because they are so insecure about their appearances or their dumbness!

My group had some amazing people like this South Korean who had founded his own company, me with my experience with a NGO where we are used to getting into completely new things at a very short notice, another dude who had previously made a documentary and other talent but yet the heads (20 year old twats) were the worst I have ever met, they "handled" the rest of us!! 

So such was the end of the summit, we watched documentaries made by all the groups in the closing session. Wow, many of them were really, really good! I will be putting a few of them up as soon as they are uploaded on the WFUNA website :)

I also met some awesome people on this summit, will be writing about a few of their projects cause they are really interesting!

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