Happenings at the Hospitals

 After staying at home yesterday, to aid the government by giving them empty and clear roads, I today went out for a stroll.
Primarily I wanted to donate blood. I went to Bombay Hospital which is closest to my house. They had cordoned off the hospital, no one was allowed inside without a very valid reason.
I asked him about blood donation and he said that enough blood had been collected yesterday and today the banks were not taking any more.

Then I went to St. George's hospital where I found the area was calm, clean and kinda empty. Maybe I was in a different building and the casualities were taken to another wing or building, because as I went to the blood bank I came across a room with around 20 clean beds for patients and I wondered cause I expected the hospitals to be full and over whelmed with casualty.
I had come 30 hours after the start of events when the max casualties were taken so maybe by now the hospitals had sorted stuff out and things were less chaotic.

At the blood bank a guy took down my name and number and said that they would call us in an emergency.

As I left and walked about the CST I saw a few military men positioned here and there, there were also pockets of police men who were standing chatting, probably reiterating the incidents that has shaken the city.

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