6th December.... Babri Masjid

As my plans with friends got cancelled my Mom asked me whether it was because any one of them was apprehensive as today was 6th December. I asked what happened on 6th December.
I know,
9/11 - World trade towers in US
26 July - Mumbai Floods
27 November - Mumbai Terror Attacks.

Now another addition to this list is 6th December - Babri Masjid was broken by some so called 'hindu' fanatics.

* One clarification here since I received an email from someone who took offence to what I have written.
Well I have written 'hindu' (with quotation marks) cause I think this entire event was a politically incited situation. So I am not branding a community of people, nor I am siding with any community. I am just sick of how much of communal violence the world has seen; has been a tool used by people in power to gain their own greedy means.

This communal violence that is there in people's minds and which has and will often be used by political craps to gain leverage is very, very sad!

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