Reliability of Instant Messengers

 With the advent of online IM, definitely it is very cool to see your friend sitting in America and beeping him and chatting. Many a times I have to explain to my parents how I know something happening in Mumbai, and I say my friend in UK saw it on TV. 

All is well on that front BUT the downside is what not a lot of people are aware of.

I have two friends on my GTalk list whose status update has been stuck with a message they put many years ago. How much ever they have tried to change it, it remains stuck.

On three to four occasions it has happened that while chatting with friends on Gtalk and facebook all of a sudden the conversation loses track, later on we have realised that my messages did not reach them and vice versa.
On these three ocassions we realised that something went wrong but now a days many business transactions, deals are done online.
What happens if some crucial aspect of the chat just doesn't reach the other end and neither of them realise that well some communication has gone missing?

So I guess being aware of these things talking personally is still the best option, followed by phones and then chat.

While chatting sending a confirmatory email later on, seems a sensible thing to do.

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