Taj and Oberoi...

 Well after the spate of 'terror attacks in Mumbai' posts that I wrote I wanted to give an idea of what happened after the culprits died.

Oberoi is cordoned off but I think some activity is going on. At least the employees are in there working and Trident will be operational very shortly. The Little Oberoi will take time. 
One can see the window panes without any glass and walls burnt black here and there.

Taj probably hit worse has a much larger cordoning around it. When I ask the police men why the roads around it have been cordoned off they say they don't know.

Leopold's is almost the same. There were a number of candle stubs on the pavement around it but I think by now they must have been cleared off.

Signature campaigns have been conducted I got some pics of the one outside Oberoi. 

I never went to Nariman House cause I don't know what I will gain by going there like a curious or shocked onlooker. From what I have heard the area behind Nariman House is Navy area and there was a very tight security there following the incidents. 

Ofcourse there was the meet at gateway on 3rd Dec where lakhs of people came, for a moment standing there listening to the people shout slogans I wondered whether I was back to the pre independance era shouting 'Simon go back'. I saw my Jeans and Tees and the free Mcdowell water cups being passed around and I was back in good ol Mumbai :)

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