Computer Virus Attacks!

 OK this is a very long post BUT it will give you an idea of what a fairly harmless computer virus can do for a few days of your life!
(You might think I am exaggerating well maybe I am :p)
Well the reason my blog was quiet last few days was because of a virus attack on my laptop!
It turned out to be a really long drawn affair and is now in its last stage I hope.

I don't know the name of this virus but it cut off my internet access and was slowly affecting the rest of my system so I made a back up cd downloading some important doc and excel files.

Then I got a windows cd for 200/- a windows xp home edition. Well this was an interesting experience cause I went to the guy selling it and he gives me a windows xp black 2009 version and tells me its the latest and the best. I actually bought it and then consulted my friend who told me it was not authentic so I exchanged it for a windows xp home edition.

Then I for the first time reinstalled windows, partitioning and all..... and I realise that the drives D and E were same as was! So I really had no need to create a back up cd! :D

After the jubilation of reinstalling windows comes the realisation that I don't have the needed drivers as a result my computer does not recognise its ethernet connection, sound card and a few more facilities!

Somehow I didn't have a recovery cd either. I traced down a couple of my friends that had hp compaq or compaq pressario laptops but they did not have their cds either. I tried downloading it off the net from another computer BUT well one particular essential driver was simply tooo slow to get downloaded so it couldn't be done.

This went on for a few days... where I struggled to get my work done and answer my correspondances, along with it giving my journo exams in the evening after about 2 hours of studying, man a really hectic time.

Finally I became desperate and just dug up numbers of 'computer shops on lamington road' from Just Dial and they gave me a few numbers.

One of them turned out to be a life saver! This gujju guy actually offered to download all the drivers online and send me the cd in a few hours to my house for 350/-.

I know I would get this stuff free somewhere but I had no time or patience left for this. Finally the guy comes to my house earlier than expected with the cd! Well at that point my lovely computer decides to stop recognizing moserbaer cds!

Thus, my another written cd which worked fine half an hour back is not being read nor is this one that the guy sent. So I paid him without checking the cd! All my restarting the comp and reinserting the cd had no effect it, my comp simply did not read it!

Now I trusted this guy cause well he was pretty friendly calling me a couple of times to confirm my laptop number and windows edition and everything, so I decided that there is no point saying my computer is messed up, so I just paid him.
Well as it turns I had no money with me, no one else was home so I made him wait outside and went to a ATM and got some money to pay him!!

Then I went for my exams and surprisingly did well, went for two parties after that heheheheh

Finally when I checked my comp late at night, it worked! The cd was read I installed the drivers and well I am now online!

So whats yet to be tackled?

Well the windows edition that I got needs to be activated in another 27 days for which I need an 'authentic code' all the codes I have tried yet which were authentic enough are not working so.... 

I don't have MS office! I thought it could be downloaded for free off the net! Well anyway that I will already get from another comp so... that is just a matter of time!

Well that is about it.... my encounter with the virus.

So YOU BEWARE!!! A virus in the comp can be a very frustrating battle especially when you have a lot of things going on! So definitely I have learnt something about being more cautious about surfing and stuff. 

I do feel a little more confident abt using the computer. I am also considering installing Linux instead of windows. Lets see especially if I don't get my activation code I might just go for Linux.

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