Tata NEN Hottest Startup

 The Hottest Startup selection has gone to a second phase! 30 startups have been shortlisted and as a web savvy person working with a startup I thought of being responsible and voting for these awards.

I have also noted the reason for voting for these, I have been thinking about such contests and I question how people vote.

As in do they think which is the best effort, best service from a country wide or world wide perspective?
Or do they generally vote for what seems best to them which would be a much smaller outlook as in I would really find the The Loot shop a great venture only cause it is really helpful for me much more than a eco friendly venture which empowers the rickshawala's. Does that mean I vote for the Loot or do I look at things from a greater perspective where in I see, that empowering the rickshawala's is great for soceity and on the long run it will create a happier society which I would prefer to live in. Also creating a happier society becomes a greater goal than thinking of cheaper clothes.

I think the second outlook is more preferred and that makes the contest unfair due to voters bias and the best effort/best idea may not win.
My top 5 votes:
5: Rentimental.com (Munificent Ventures)
This startup provides everything that a person who has shifted to a new city needs on rent. Seems a cool idea, a venture which would really reduce the hassles of shifting!

4. Perfint
They basically deal with providing equipment for image guiding minimum invasive treatments. I think this is needed in India becauce I am aware of the LASIK treatment for removing chashma number from the eye. Well the idea was tried tested and common in the western countries but had not started in India, then it took some years for it to really get to India and become accesible.

3. Ecomove Solutions
Well this company basically provides cycles on rent to commuters who can cycle their way to office or can cycle some part of the way to office everyday.
Thus helping with traffic problems, pollution and get exercise also.
I anyway support cycling over any form of transport and want to move the gorvernment to make cycle stands and tracks where possible to promote cycling as a means of transport. :)
Though I am a little apprehensive as to whether the people will really take to it cause the hassles involved are many like getting run over in the traffic, heat, sweating will make office clothes stink!, how to carry a big office bag with laptop??

2. Sammaan Foundation
They are trying to make a rickshaw community with cycle rickshaws. They have actually provided these rickshaws with juice, water selling facilities. It is also possible to charge your mobile while commuting in the rick. Again I think great idea also cycle rickshaws are eco friendly!

1. Daily Dump
This company makes some terracota vessels which convert kitchen bio waste to compost, I read a review about it on a blog sometime ago and it was pretty good. So I wanna get this container and try it out myself, lets see will check it out.
I think this is a really cool idea as it can work at everyones home without much work from the householders which is a very huge target audience.

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