News and Reality

 A few news articles on Rediff
  • Around 150 people actually escaped Taj, they barred the doors of their conference room and made ropes from their curtains and climbed down! The media which was covering the entire event so closely, failed to mention anything abt seeing men climbing down or anything!! I would have doubted this article IF Times Now had not shown the curtains these guys made after the whole hiatus was over! What were they shooting when it took place?? However the beginning of this article is just weird, he saw men dressed in black in a dinghy looking suspicious it is hard for me to imagine that their entry must have been so apparent.
  • Well this article talks of a Chandrayaan shot video of the moon's surface what I can see is a still shot of the moon! It is just wierd I don't know how prominent news sites like Rediff and Yahoo put up such poor quality of articles!! 
More surprising is how the comments are so often totally unrelated to the content of the article on such portals!

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