An Interrogator Speaks

Saw an article on the Washington Post:

It is a really good article, which I not only agree with but I feel that it is a more intelligent approach to a bad situation.

At this point I shall talk about a movie called K-Pax, where in Kevin Spacey is this guy from a far away planet, a much more intelligent species and he says non-chalantly while eating a banana that 

"giving an eye for an eye is a principle that is know for its stupidity all over the universe" 

In a one to one encounter seen isolated, torturing a terrorist might seem to have some sense in it, however on considering larger consequences of such actions it will only show to be folly.

The above article is a link of an article by a US top interrogator who went to Iraq and undertook many interrogations and has now recounted his tale.
He clearly states that abuse of prisoners be it a common thief or be it a terrorist is not only against our natural fibre but it is also a foolish methodology and gains lesser results.

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