Cafe Moshe review

 Just went to Cafe Moshe above FabIndia for the first time! Its a cool place, decent sitting and it has a really interesting menu, lot of unusual dishes, iranian, israeli stuff....
The pricing is kinda high around 100/- for each dish.
They also have some really good whole wheat bread sliced and all for 30/-.
Sounds good?
The only down fall is that well they might have a sweet tooth thing where most dishes they serve has either honey or some sweetening stuff.

I ordered a corn and broccoli crostini, which surprisingly had some sweet tomato ketchup on it and cinnamon! 
Yet as I said the menu is quite exotic, some delicious looking desserts and some refreshing drinks.
They also had this innovative thing of two desserts gets you a free darjeeling tea!

Finally a light post!! :p

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