How freaky can a Jam get??

This was supposed to be a sombre post about what is happening at the taj and oberoi.
Instead I am going to mention a really freaky incident.

I was just going to my grand dads place at malabar hill (those not from Mumbai just try to understand the situation cause you won't know the locations I am talking of)
and well I got into the bus, and in a few minutes the bus halted and we commuters realised that there was a Huge Huge traffic jam all the way till chowpatty!!
So I cancelled my plans and got off, and walked back as I saw the jam intensify! The whole main road of marine drive was jammed and then there was no place for the cars coming on the road from churchgate to pizzeria to enter the main road, so even that road got jammed!!
Consequently the entire churchgate junction was in chaos.

This was the case only with one side of the road, the other side where cars came from chowpatty to nariman point was fairly empty!!

This was really scary I almost had this wierd freaked out thought of a 'war of the world' situation where all of a sudden some huge contraptions start attacking people and everything is chaos. 
Anyway I guess the last few days have been very freaky... 

As far as my understanding goes this jam was caused due to some natural traffic reasons cause at least the TV has not reported any thing unusual. Nor have I got a number of smses asking me whether I am ok?

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