What makes a fidayeen*??

 * Fidayeen are basically suicide bombers who go in with a lot of ammo and wreak havoc kill people but have no escape plan chalked out

One clarification: I am in no way trying to support the terrorists or their actions I am simply trying to make a point, that terrorists are made they are not born. I am just taking a look at what makes people forgot all love, laughter and joy. What makes people leave all regard for their life??

The term that I am hearing people use most is a over powering bleakness to describe how they feel after all these hours of ongoing open terroristic activity in Mumbai.
These people have not lost any of their families or close friends in the event.
Very loudly these fidayeen are being called inhuman, cowards, cold people. 

Tell me if we were a minority caste in any state not necessarily India and our friends, family were killed and no one the government nor the state even sent us condolences instead and we got absolutely no redressal measures from the state bodies.
What would we do??

I have read the biography of Hitler and these are people who on the basis of their caste or financial status are denied jobs, they are denied a future!
When I stay in a posh house, AC cars, lap tops, computer games I know what frustration is.
I can only imagine the situation many people are being put into.

In the UN MDG Summit there was this PG student who asked a UN hot shot that many youth were supporting terrorists now a days is this because of bad education system?? And the guy said that when he was young he had a job In JaiHind college of mumbai, and while working with the finances he found some money was being used suspiciously. 
There was a certain amount taken as fees but it was not used fully some of it 'disappeared'.
So he raised the question where was this money.
In retaliation the Jaihind admin fired him. 
Later on he filed a case and got supprt from other JAihind faculty and he was reinstated BUT what he said was that when he was fired he wanted to burn the college down. This was a guy who had a good home and good education and everything.

So if a guy who is from a poorer place who is supporting his family and suddenly political situations leaves him with no way to support himself despite the fact that he is educated, what would he do??
Maybe he would feel strong enough to join a terroristic group and stop caring about his life.

I had seen an interview by a terrorist who was in jail sometime back and if you listen to him his ideas are good! He was trying to change the world, he thought these people would make a better country. Later on ofcourse he realised that he got into something wrong but it was kinda too late for him to get out.
Probably he realised that the top people of these terrorist organizations are being supported by many countries and so they are playing a very different ball game. 

I will be writing in a few days about all revolutions being elitist which will kinda tie up with what I have written in the last few lines.

But I wanna ask a question why do we never talk of rehabilitating a terrorist. Can we as a society never even think of such a thing forget providing it??

There are african places where such things are being done. Maybe cause that country is so full of gun rule that these people need to be rehabilitated. Here however they are 'expendable'.

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