At the hub of trouble... again!

 As in the mumbai terror attacks I was at the hub of the eerie silence zone that was formed in south mumbai. (Not near the shooting)
Now once again I have a petrol pump right outside my house and well I am seeing since 9 in the morning (thats when I woke up) cars have been queing up and constantly cars are being filled (it is 3.30 in the afternoon)!
It obviously still has petrol, the car queue is extending well beyond my small street it is going on to the main road. So must be at least around 30 to 40 cars.

Some hawaldars are trying to maintain some order a few pump men are also outside directing the cars.

While on TV, once again ministers are going on giving really wierd on air statements!! Why does Milind Deora have to say "This strike is not in national interest"
Do these government officials think we are stupids of some sort? Do I need to hear that lack of petrol all over Indian is 'not in national interest!!'

Another thing to note is that taxis are not in this queue, this line of cars seems to be mostly drivers with their private cars.
So it might be that many people are filling up their tanks for 'safety sake' or for personal interests while public transport does not get the needed fuel. Which will be bad cause, then the larger mass of people who travel by public transport will be stranded. Then the private car owners will go out on a private cruise... to offices which are empty. :D

ANOUNCING: This petrol pump just closed down!! 
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