Welcome 2009?

 As the 9th day of 2009 draws to an end we see the great Satyam debacle which will only add to the ongoing recession.

Petrol worker strikes in India is severely affecting traffic and we see large lines of vehicles around petrol pumps which as yet have some fuel left!
Most petrol pumps are empty. 

Israel attacks Gaza. This is not new, I know. It is an ongoing fued; it flared again this week and official death tolls are up to 700 which implies more than a thousand civilians dead.

So 2009 has not really come well! 

As Sadhguru says what happens on the outside can never be controlled 100%, but what we can take care of is our internal situation.

I guess if people can maintain a larger perspective in times of worry rather than going into a survival mode where they just wanna live irrespective of others, 2009 will go well! 

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