Ubuntu - Humanity to Others

Just installed Ubuntu!! I totally love it!
Installation was troublesome, I wanted to clear the disk and install only Ubuntu however I ended up with windows and Ubuntu both on the comp.
However as of now speed is good, and I did not lose any of my saved data!!

I am wondering how to celebrate now that I have overcome the virus woes and am now using Ubuntu 8.04 and am logged into Pidgin messenger!

Obama also just got sworn in though I read a tweet about him not yet being the president because "Robert screwed up". Will have to look into that later.
I am trying to take a look at the video of the event, but it is streaming very slowly!
So will watch it and then go to sleep.

Looking forward to using Ubuntu tomorrow. :)

I also think that I should change the description of this blog where it mentions that this blog will be about social media, ePR and all that :p

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