A Saturday Morning - The Tree 'Trimming'

This saturday had an interesting event in store for me. As I rolled over in my bed late in the morning since it was a holiday I heard a very queer sound like that of incessant rain coming every now and then and I thought it must be the petrol pump outside. After a few moments it just struck me that it was the tree outside that might be getting cut and as its branches fell with its many leaves it made the sound of a thousand drops of water on a metallic surface.

Propelled by this thought I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the window and it was true!! The tree right outside my house was being 'trimmed' as the fancy lady would say.

I put on decent clothes and brushed my hair and ran out and questioned 'why are you cutting the tree?'
The lady probably never questioned before, said she will in due time. I know these tricks "let me do my nonsense then I will explain". I asked can you tell me right now? (because right now I could do something about it) and she was aghast "how can a girl like you ask me so rudely, don't you know how to talk to elders, I have to give no explanation to likes of you!!"
In passing she did mention it was the rats but she refused to say more...

I went in and tried to dig up a ngo who would help and finally after a few fumbled calls I decided that I could just call the police. Thats what I did I called up 100 and lodged a complaint.

As I went out to call the police from the opposite police chowky the lady called me and since the cutting was done told me that she saw that I was very spirited and that she would henceforth include me in all such matters. I just stood not knowing whether this was one more of her ploys the 'simper talk'.

Well I told her that I had called the police and I hope that is not too much of a ruckus. :p

In another 5 minutes came 2 policemen asking questions and she said it is this stupid little girl (does she know my age??) anyway I and my mom went out and I truthfully tried to tell the policemen the story that was in front of them; the balded tree and the slew of leaves around the building corner.
She went aghast and spoke too much, but it all lacked one element that which is called 'SENSE' . She appealed that she was a tree lover, she had genuine problem, she had a supposed BMC permission and all that.
While everytime turning around and calling me mad and headstrong.
My mom said it is best to go in let the police do their job ....

I do not know how the lady who is the chairman of our society dealt with the situation but then her daughter maybe a 20 year old twat came to our house told my mother that "she has no right to call the police".
I told her I had every right as a citizen of India and asked a number of times whether she would like to see my passport.
Then she mentioned that she works thats why she had the right... so I realised this 20 year old twat had learnt a lot except talking SENSE.

Then for a while it was a heated argument outside where the lady told my mother that I was a mad girl while my mother told her to go... and stuff on similar lines.
Lasted a few minutes.

Well... so now I sit in front of this computer screen typing this out on Firefox 3 Beta version for Ubuntu 8.04 :)

Lets see the outcome of this event. I plan to contact a few people in my building who are decent and talk to them about the event, cause inevitably the lady will cause quite a ruckus about the mad girl downstairs.

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