Monks: the marketeers

While in school my future career prospects were on the lines of astronaut, aeronautic engineer and such. Never did I think about marketing, which is pretty much what I do, though social media is a very informal marketing it nonetheless is that.

Surprisingly the people with great marketing skills have been some of the monks I have interacted with, and they are quite a few given that I stayed in an ashram for a year and do like interacting with these supposed renouncers.

I remember a particular conversation will jot down here, it is quite funny :)

This was just after I was pissed at the ashram admin and I had left one of their sathsang meetings half way
Monk: Why are you leaving
Me: I don't want to have anything to do with this organization
Monk: Are you doing your (yoga) practices??
Me: No
Monk: You should do your practices
Me: Is there a link between your organization and the practices
Monk: (small nod)
Me: So then...

Another time after I came back I met a jain monk who happens to be a far of relative of mine.
The moment I told her about how I was interested in all this (spirituality) stuff her response was that
"If you want to pursue this path then jain monkhood is the best! You should come join us, we only study all day long. In fact compared to all other paths this path is the fastest!"

While I was talking about the Orissa situation with my aunty, I was completely against the violence against the converted christians, however my aunty pointed out that if some person comes and very aggressively markets their religion and you find your neighbours listening to them maybe your son will listen to them also, it can be a very frustrating and exasperating experience.

Christian church has been doing this since ages even in British colonies they just went and started converting or marketing.

So monks I think are the biggest marketeers!


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