Kala Ghoda Festival

Today morning as I passed Kala Ghoda in South Mumbai I was really excited to see that the fan fare of Kala Ghoda Festival had already begun! Will post some pics soon, there were human figures of wire doing some interesting things, one climbing a weavers nest, another rope walking, another 3 playing with tops which were little globes.
These had some significance in the theme of the fest but I did not read the boards next to them :p

What attracted me more were the variously gay coloured stalls filled with handicrafts, pottery, crafts, foodpacks and other interesting things. Most of these stalls were NGO's.

As I went there in the evening with a couple of friends we came across this cool stall which had an ongoing contest; there were 5 search-word grids and totally 45 brand names hidden in them, we had to find out 30 of them in 3 minutes.
The winning prize was a 2 GB pen drive.
No luck... we found 24 in some 4 minutes (they extended the time).

If you are in Mumbai check it out, I think it is really cool!
Schedule for Kala Ghoda Festival.

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