Mahashivratri Night

Today is the Mahashivratri night where I plan to stay awake cause it is important to keep my back erect :) on this night.
What I will do tomorrow at work is another question, but I do not think it will be that bad since I slept last night.

At Isha yoga centre where I was very involved for a couple of years, we don't sleep for at least 36 hours around Mahashivratri.
The night before as volunteers we are getting the whole ashram ready for all the lakhs of people who will be visiting our celebration on Mahashivratri night. Then the day either these duties go on or other usual volunteer work goes on.
Then the night of Mahashivratri we're awake cause Sadhguru says this night the spine must be erect cause there is a natural upsurge in the energies, and I generally spend this night dancing :D

So by the time it is 6.00 am and the function winds up I am feeling like an incoherent fool! Then I sleep!

So this time around today is only one night I am going to be awake, last night I slept. :D

Currently I am online watching live telecast of the Mahashivratri function happening at IYC.

Sadhguru says
Yogerathova Bhogerthova: Let it (enlightenment) happen somehow anyhow let it happen
This post is dedicated to him: Sadhguru

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