What is Social Media?

Well social media is the field I work in. I was asked from couple of people what exactly I do, or what social media is cause the term intrigues people.
So I searched far and wide, i used tools like google for an answer to the question BUT to no avail!! Blogs keep writing about how to use social media, tips of using social media but they are targetted to an audience who is into online business anyway what about complete lay men who don't even wanna utilize it.
Like my friends who simply wanna know what their friend is doing! (Cause she is active on twitter, FB and chat all working time!) :p

Now it is up to me to humbly explain what social media is as best as I can.

Online media is fairly simple to understand. So social media is kinda like that.
It involves social networks like FB, orkut, twitter and blogs. So when a friend sends you a cool video from you tube that is social media cause it is media generated by your social contacts online.

How companies use it?
It is a great and often a free way to become closer to their potential customers and existing customers.
Like having a twitter account can be a great way for companies to send daily tweets to their customers or experts who wanna track what you are doing or just general people who are interested in your product etc etc..

Also it involves blogs. I think it is quite well known that blogs are becoming very visible and powerful communication platforms. Especially after google search, bookmarking sites have come along.

So contacting a blogger to review the product, or even become an affiliate are many ways that bloggers are corresponded with. Having a company blog is of course very much social media.

So I think the above is a very brief gist of social media and what the work involves.

This is also why I am on twitter, FB and chat during work hours :)

If you are into social media and if I have left something out do let me know...

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