International Journalism

Just had our last lec with one of our favourite lecturers in Journo Class. This Prof is called Mangesh Karandikar, he teaches in Mumbai University in Mass Comm div.

Something we discussed was international journalism, and how it works.

There two types of international journalists, parachute journalists and immersion journalists.

:D the parachute journalist does not parachute down to a place. He keeps going from one place to another covering recent, breaking news.
Like for the recent Lahore shooting many journalists from all over the world must have flown down to cover this event.
In one or two days they fly out to some other location where some breaking news is happening.
So they probably get a lot of jet lag.

Immersion journalists on the other hand stay for prolonged period of time in a country, understand its people, get into the psyche of the country.
Then they report not on daily or regional events of the country but they write about the country.
They may also write about some major event of the country, like there was one immersion journalist who stayed in India for almost 25 years and then he wrote how India felt when Rajiv Gandhi died. His article truly echoed the sentiments of the Indian people.
(I don't remember this guys name)

Typically these journos stay for 3 or 4 years in a country cause after that they too get home sick, disinterested. Very few stay on for like 15, 20 years in a country.

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