Social Media and Spam

When I first started working on social media outreach, one of my friends told me the only problem my job had was that it involved spamming.
I obviously pretty much denied it cause I don't want to be associated with the idea of spamming.
Then came the part where I thought about it, in a practical way. I am saying in a practical way cause when we are younger our thoughts tend to be idealistic not realistic.

Often these idealistic thoughts, can be a big barrier, in letting you achieve something. Most people who have really gotten something they want, or have become influential, will have to play with the system and often the system can suck big time.

So 'practically' marketing cannot be an amicable field cause there is too much at stake for people to play fair.

Okay I have gone deeper than I wished to. Back to social media and spam.

Well initially I did think that contacting unknown people telling them about a product is spammy. So what if the guy I have contacted is into cool tees. Does that mean I have to go and tell him about Inkfruit (brand of tees)??

Well if it was a friend I would have! Some friends would actually visit Inkfruit and find it cool. Or some might shrug it off.. as whatever..

This is true also for social media initially it feels that going and contacting a person on orkut, twitter seems intrusive but I have seen over time that depending on the network; a large number of people responded to it, went to the site, registered, obviously they did not get pissed, they liked it.
Many a times people thank us for the "cool link".
(Check this blog post out about DeskAway's use of twitter)

Some of my friends think it is still spamming, I say thats their way of looking at it.
Initially when adverts came on TV people did not accept it, they thought TV is only for programs, social means of comunications.

However ads are a very major factor in raising a countries standard of living.
Moreover these ad revenues pump money into the TV industry which is why we are getting to watch cool programs like Friends.

Definitely there are concerns about how TV, newspapers have turned into money making machines and sometimes they interrupt a really interesting program.
But I also think it is great that I get to know what new stuff different brands are coming up with while I am watching TV.

You can check out my Little Zizou blogpost to see a comment, I have kept it as a casestudy of social media. (anyone thinks it is spam??)

...might write more on this.

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