Sports and Movies

I had my last sports journalism class today, kinda sad cause I attended only two lectures and the prof seemed quite interesting.
Lot of people gave presentations on some sport, discussing its various aspects.
Somehow I realised how much many sports meant to me when I saw them in movies!

Eg: Golf
I barely have anything to do with golf. Its the gentlemen's sports = boring for me.
What I do remember is a movie called Tincup with Kevin Costner and Renne Russo. Very cool movie. Kevin Costner was this golf hotshot who lived alone in his caravan and finally due to some twists of fate he participated in a big golf tournament and well... I can't type the entire story here.
It is very interesting how he comes second in the tournament but plays the most memorable game ever!
Now that is all that really comes to mind when I think of Golf.

Another sport: Baseball
I love playing baseball. I have played it when I was smaller and the funniest thing was that after hitting when I run from first base I completely forget to throw the bat. Everyone is shouting throw the bat and I reach the third base and fling the bat to the first base LOL!!! This is one sport that really charges me up!
Movie: Signs
This is a creepy movie by Night Shyamalan where some really horid aliens came to Earth and traumatized the areas where they had landed. There is a ESP scene where a wife before dying tells the husband remember the baseball bat.
They think she was totally incoherent then. As it happens the husband and his brother come face to face with this totally hostile and horrifying alien in their living room, suddenly the guy remembers his wifes incoherent words... the baseball bat, which was kept on the mantelpiece. He slowly takes it and smashes the aliens head in.
Hooooph, that was a great end to a very, very tight situation. Man I stopped watching Shyamalan's movie after that.

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