Museum = Sangrahalaya ??

I have been wondering about this since I saw the hindi name for prince of wales museum, chatrapati shivaji vastu sangrahalaya. I am not gonna make any digs abt Shivaji... but just found it odd that a museum is called a sangrahalaya in Hindi!!
Museum = Sangrahalaya !!

Looking at word origins - etymologically museum comes from the Greek word muse which is divine goddesses of Art. They are also referred to as people that inspire creativity, art.
Thus Museum = House of Divine art/ House of Inspiration

While Sangraha = collect/accumulate
so sangrahalaya = House of collection!!

This is such a vast difference in meaning when one says museum and when one says sangrahalaya.... is this the reason why the museums, aquariums of Mumbai and almost all of India suck!! They feel like a collection house, they don't feel divinely inspiring :D

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