Twitter, India

What really surprised me while tweeting was MTNL, no my internet connection DID NOT conk off (eyes rolling); MTNL was following me on twitter! Which is when I felt that twitter is really making itself felt in India.

Another surprising incident was when I tweeted about a book by author Dhruv Chak, he saw it and sent me an email!

The most recent brand to contact me was Impatient Ones, these are airtel people who caught some of my tweets abt how Airtel signal had just vanished for about 4 hours!!

In fact I now have some linux users on my twitter network! I always thought I should be in contact with some linux users cause then I can talk my troubles with them, but was not clear how to go about finding them!
Lo behold some of the people I follow on twitter happened to be using Linux!!


Oh, I should also mention even spiritual organizations have got onto twitter, there is Art of Living tweeting spiritual qoutes, and very astonished to find Isha Foundation using twitter too! They are tweeting about live video, happenings at the centre really cool but sporadic :)

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Post Edit: Just now a twitter pal tells me the MTNL thing was an April fool's Day Joke!! How am I supposed to know!!! .... oh well...

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