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This is my first live blogging as I watch the Google Waves Presentation video. It is one and half hour long. On my compu it will take abt two and a half hours cause of my snail MTNL connection and I think some problem with you tube video also cause it is not streaming properly.

Just read abt Google Wave on Mario Sundar's blog and Techcrunch. Both these articles were written by people who were totally impressed with it! Cannot wait to see the whole vid!
Just sharing some salient points from the video as it streams... (and of course have embedded it later in the post, so watch that too!)

* This tool was unveiled in early stage to thousands of developers!
* By the time the tool will be unveiled for other google lovers, these developers will have made apps for the tool already!! AWESOME!

* Its OPEN SOURCE, which means for you and me that it is FREE!

*INSTANT TRANSMISSION! I mean now chatting will be so much like real conversations. Whatever the person types will be visible at the other side before he preses enter, REAL TIME. So no typing out then editing, making things sound better etc etc...
Like talking where the first blab gets heard... here the first response is seen on the other side!

*Email is like a chat box, which can be bifurcated to separate conversation threads... just see the video for better understand :)

*PLAYBACK! ok this is awesome! after a bunch of people converse they can actually add someone to the conversation at a later stage. This latecomer, need not just join in without having a clue abt what went on... he can just PLAYBACK the entire conversation threads, and see which inputs came in when.

* The entire conversation can be blogged by a click of a button! From then the conversation is going on LIVE on the blog and on the WAVE API.

* Wave embedded in Orkut, this was expected and definitely they will be embeddable on Facebook too! AND the embedded Orkut wave is accessible on Waves API too. (Something different happens with twitter... read on..)

* Google Waves as a collaboration tool is awesome!! It has editing and inline conversation facility, the user can choose what he wishes to do. If he wants to edit it thats cool, if he wishes to leave a comment, start a conversation etc... thats COOL too.

Note: This is LIVE Blogging while I see the video so... much of what I am writing is first responses... do not mind the "awesomes" and bolding of letters etc etc :p

* Merging of different documents in different waves....

* Many users editing same doc at the same time, all changes get transmitted LIVE!!!

* Different waves get linked in other waves. So WAVE WIKIS!

* Searchy and Linky, fantastic spell checker and link adding widget.

*Can embed videos, add images, REALLY GOOD SPEED! You will get that when you watch the demo on video!

* TWAVE/Tweety - A twitter API in WAVE... hmmm interesting!! A little different....not exactly an API for twitter...

* Companies can have their own WAVE server... API.. two different WAVE API's can talk to each other the same as the usual WAVE API.

*WOW! Rosy robot widget translates a conversation REAL TIME! So a person can talk in English with someone conversing in French, and the talk takes place REAL TIME!!
Cherry on the Cake!

So definitely, definitely looking forward to this... Google to the Helm... WOW!

Wanna use it?

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