Google Wave Analysed

So after all the hype and excitement... I would like to analyze Wave a bit further and taking into account various reviews that have surfaced.
One is from Mashable where they say its Tidal, they think the product will live upto all this hullaballous excitement it has caused :)

I myself think it will revolutionize communications as we know it, the way IM's did, then social networks and now Wave.
It should bring in a completely new level of interaction in online meetings!

It brings in more intelligent softwares. The spell checker seen in the demo is amazing, it understands contextual usage of similar words. In a way it can predict half written sentences, thus it feels close to semantics. It makes me think of Artificial Intelligence!!

Don't know Swahili, Mandarin, Creole??
The foreign language translator Rosie translating real time, to enable real time chat conversation with two people of different language backgrounds!! This has so many applications.

It brings to my mind very futuristic gadgets, where a person speaks into the gadget in one language. The gadget converts audio data into written words, translates it into a second language with Rosie type bot and then voice in the second language, all done very very quickly!
So whatever the person says gets quickly spoken in a second language by the gadget, this can enable real time offline conversations between foreigners who don't know the same language.
This would require some advanced voice recognition techniques.
So now language is no barrier anymore!! Yay!
But let me tell you even if you can't talk in the same language I know couples who still got married!! :D

...... and we have touch down! More later folks...

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