Online Marketing Basics - #2

What are people saying?

This is the next step in social media, to be in the place where relevant conversations are happening. For this you need to identify your target audience, who will be most interested in what you are marketing?

These RIGHT places for you can be found out by various ways as usual the good ones are FREE :p

Google Blog Search
All recent blog posts abt your search word gets displayed here.
And it is very fast! Like once I post this article, in 5 minutes it could display on google blog search for 'online marketing'!

Google Search
This is more like a one time thing where you go and peruse the first 3 or 4 pages on Google that show up when you search.

Twitter Search
This lets you see tweeple that are tweeting about whatever... so you may as well set up a twitter account and contact them through that.

This is a bookmarking site, search here you might get some other articles. Usually the above are enough though.

You can also search other bookmarking sites like Technorati, Delicious, Reddit etc.. etc

Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn is a good idea. Often many interesting discussions take place here.

What should be understood is that social media is not about seeing a possible customer and marketing to them. It is more about
"ok these are the people that are interested in stuff relevant to what I am doing... let me tell them about my work, and see what their response is.. "

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