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On the note of elections, I recently had a conversation with a young gentleman (watched too man movies today!) who was totally FOR BJP!
He is as yet aghast that Congress won the elections and sees it as proof that the masses have in deed been deluded by false propaganda :)

One of the topics he brought up was that the Congress caused the Sikh riots. I do not wish to comment on the politics behind those particular riots or about the political parties.

This is something I have noticed about a lot of people, they have so much to talk about riots, about terror attacks...

Most of these people are those that have not really been touched or personally affected by these gruesome acts.
Their tirades against politicians for causing these acts, against terrorists are all a bundle of opinions and I do not give them much worth.

They have so many opinions cause they do not feel the heinous act personally and I find that very, very sad.
It happened with one such friend of mine who had lots of opinions about the train bomb blasts in Mumbai, he came to my house and spoke a great deal about it. I wondered why I wasted my time listening to it!

In one such incident he lost his neighbor who was close to him.

After that he shut up. He acknowledged that before that time he had never really felt much about the blasts. I knew he had never really felt it.... that is why he spoke so much about them.

It is sad cause these people don't wanna shut up and many people who truly care; their voices are drowned in this sea of random opinions from people for whom the event is not 'truly' personal.

Something similar happened in 9/11 attacks in USA. The people who were directly affected mourned but they did not say attack IRAQ. Bush decided to attack IRAQ cause he needed to fake a reaction to this event. He needed to show that he cared.
The relatives of the people who had died even wrote letters to the president condemning this senseless war.....

In stead of voicing any opinions they have for the sake of it, if people genuinely looked inside them selves and voiced how they truly feel the world would be a more beautiful place :)

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