Subway Rocks!

Subway is my favourite fast food joint! One cause it is healthier than other options and becuase I really like the concept of choosing all the stuff in my sandwich... :)

Had some bad customer service experiences at the Subway outlet which is closest to my house, at Sterling theatre. This really turns me off cause this is how franchisee's often bring big brands down, and its not cool!

So I went online, actually I am most often online being in the social media line of work. I checked out their website and was really impressed by the feedback forms. They actually have all their outlets listed out on the website, I only had to select this particular one on the drop down menu, and type out a few lines of complaint, and I was done!

I hoped for action but wondered how prompt it would be. In less than a week, while I was in Goa I got a call from the Indian manager of the Sterling Subway counter. He asked me specifically what the problem was, and said he will take action!

This is really great, and it means that Subway is keeping tabs on its franchisees all over the world, thats terrific!!
This incident has made me really a pro-Subwayite.

Previously I had a bad experience at Baskin Robbins at Marine Drive, I tried going online, but their website didnot even list India in their franchisee lists!
So there was so little I could do, and since then I have never gone to a Baskin robbins if I can help it!

This Subway experience was so refreshing and it is really good when companies are open to any feedback from customers everywhere in the world.

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