Whats happening in Iran!!

Previously in a post I spoke about trending topics in twitter. These are a list of ten keywords which are being most used by twitter people. For the last many days #iranelections has been trending at spot 1, now it is IRAN. I thought initially it would last for a couple of days not more. However the situation is really bad!

Thousands of videos from Iran have been uploaded in the last one week.. It does not show good stuff. Some of it is really bad.

The crisis
: The result of Iran elections displeased people, they claim the results were completely rigged. Since that president had no favor, and he winning a majority of 62% votes enraged people.

As the protests began the topic started trending on twitter, and photographs, videos started circulating all via twitter. In the peak time 221,744 tweets were being tweeted every hour! One of the main questions was why was CNN not giving this happening enough coverage. After a day CNN took it up with some good coverage. Barely anything is mentioned on Indian news dailies.

This is why social media is coming to the fore for real time news coverage. Twitter decided to reschedule its maintenance time to night time in Iran, so the Iran tweeple can tweet. To show support Facebook and Google started Farsi versions. Farsi is the language of Iran.

I hope this gets resolved, though I dread it will be a long drawn affair.

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