NASA, Twitter but why the MOon

So it seems my two interests astronomy and social media are converging. Saying it differently NASA is cashing on with social media!!
It all started out with a couple of astronauts tweeting, and huge number of tweeple following them.
Astro_Mike Astro_127

Astronaut Mike Massimino sent out the first tweet from space apparently! Every one was totally excited.. will we learn this in future text books? Will it be as famous as Neil Armstrong's "A small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"??
Of course it was a little kill joy when news came out that the tweet had been routed through ground personnel. As in someone else tweeted his words from Earth itself :D

So coming back to NASA, they are launching a LCROSS mission to bombard the moon. I personally find the idea of creating an explosion on Moon to find out if it has water ridiculous. I mean this is a place that no one has really seen, blasting it is NOT COOL.

Moreover, if any other nation wanted to do this, would US let it happen, without any hassles?? As long it is the US that is leading, they can do whatever.
Bomb the MOON?? OK. After all it is the American space agency.

Coming back to point, this LCROSS mission is going to have live tweeting by the spacecraft it seems (ha-ha), facebook and live coverage never before seen on NASA TV, also a twitpic account for exclusive snaps! Cool?
Well I wish I was more excited about this mission. :x

BTW NASA is also on twitter...

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