Microsoft's Bing Thing

The day Google announced the Wave, a revolutionizing new product soon to be launched, was also the day of Bing!
Bing is a 'decision maker' search engine launched by Microsoft. It's 'thunder' was quite utterly stolen by Wave!

Bing turns out is not really anything new in search engines... and was not a great hit as it came out. As all large corporate organizations, Microsoft is banking on high advertising and marketing to popularize it's product. Some of these include advertisements on hit TV shows.

IE 6 has a default search engine as Bing and that cannot be changed. The question is will people change their search engine or will they go for a better browser namely chrome, or firefox...

Recently, Microsoft started a campaign where it will donate to charity for using Bing. Not only is this a bad way of making people start using your product but also the donation amount is too little!

I wonder why Microsoft is pushing so hard on its search engine front, especially given that most publicity it is getting is -ve! Its efforts have paid off to the extent that it has become the second most used Search after Yahoo. Google still leads... and I do not think that will change.

A website, Blindsearch allows users to test Bing, Google and Yahoo with the same search term. We then see 3 different search results, but do not see which engine the results correspond to.
So it is a cool way of comparing the searches in an unbiased way. You might be surprised with the results, :)

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