With Twitter comes Great Responsibility

Today I reached 400 followers on twitter. This post is not a boast about it, but it is about something I learnt a few days back.
Tweeting to 400 tweeple is a responsibility, considering that they come from different backgrounds and different geographical locations around the world.

I am not thinking in terms of having a high follower number, which many people are running after. I am just thinking that to tweet to so many people one has to be aware of many differences. If I keep hanging out with my close friends, and similar people whom I am comfortable with, then I might not realise a lot of things.

While recession has not affected me personally, there are others to whom it has! So when I sent out a funny tweet about how people complained about lack of jobs, it might not be funny at all to some others. I did see a fall of at least 10 followers the next day.

So what I realised is that with tweeting comes great responsibility!

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