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After my last post on The 99 an Islamic comic book, I came across some really cool comic strips. They seem to be made by amateurs or hobbyists and hence range from whacky, weird, creepy to realistic, insightful and sometimes all mixed into one. :D

1. CAD Comic: (CAD stands for CTRL+ALT+DEL)
This is an amazing comic strip, the first time I landed here I spent 45 minutes straight, reading from the 1st strip onwards! Currently the story is where a wife gets angry with her husband cause he made a female android :D

2. Cyanide & Happiness: This is a comic strip with some weird humor. Its not funny more like gruesome which is kinda funny. Er, well... check it out. You MIGHT like it.

3. Fly you fools: This one is based in India, its really good spoof at social situations in India. I find it really captures the Indian scene well, like the one below which talks about biases against other city guys. I really agree with that Mumbai lady who goes to Delhi, I mean the reputation of Delhi local men is really bad!! Awesome comics!

4. Life's a comic strip: A blog by a fellow twitterer, has comic strips about recent political, local matters in India made on toondoo. Toondoo is where anyone can go and make a fairly good comic strip, try it out!

Also check out my comic strip I made for time pass on Toondoo


Let me know your favourite comics!
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