social media for small businesses - Powered by Dell

Dell is one of the leading case studies of companies who have reaped big profits with social media. They have a campaign where they are helping small businesses to start using this media for their work.

On facebook they have a fan page started in September 2008, which currently has more than 33,611 fans. Interactive page where fans are pitching in with info leading case studies of companies and having discussions. Its very impressive with some really cool customizations.

Some very good basic videos on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Technorati... Moreover they are powering another small business advice venture. This website also has videos about social media for smbs mainly focussing on UK.

They have social media posts for businesses on their corporate blog Direct2dell

Digital Nomads is a community for remote workers ie people who work from outside office. Interesting site, with interesting discussions, blog posts. This too is powered by Dell.

I really like this campaign, really quality stuff is being provided here, with just little bits of 'powered by Dell'. The social media people that become part of these groups will be into computers obviously. Great way of providing brand value!

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