How big is your Carbon Footprint?

You may have heard of carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that your activities lead to. Carbon footprints are also measured for companies, businesses etc..

Your carbon footprint is calculated by keeping the following in mind:

- electricity, natural gas, LPG, bio fuel usage.

- how often do you take flights to travel.
Flights have huge carbon emission!

Private vehicles
- If you have a car/motor bike, how much do you use it.
- is it an old or new model.
Older model will use more fuel for less travel hence has a higher carbon footprint.

Public transport (bus and rail)
- do you use a lot of public transport?
These will emit less carbon than private vehicles
(not taxis/cabs, cabs are like old private vehicles.)

- what kind of food do you eat?
Vegetables and fruits have a have a lower carbon footprint. Meat and dairy have the highest due to the various production processes that go into making them palatable.
- Using products that are locally made including foods help reduce transport.
- Buy goods only when you need them.
This means they will be produced only when needed, thus reducing production cycles.
- Entertainment
Movies, five star restaurants, malls use a lot of electricity and water.

- how much do you recycle and reuse?
- do you use solar power, wind power etc?

Get your carbon footprint checked!

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