Mumbai terror attacks - Unseen footage

Update: the following videos are no longer viewable, there was a copyright claim from Channel 4.... will see if I can get some more info regd the same.
Hope some of you'l got to watch it before it was removed, it was unprecedented amount of info out for public viewing!

Some unseen footage of the Mumbai terror attacks. It shows recordings from hidden camera's within Taj, Oberoi, CST and more. Interviews of people who survived the situation with the skin of their teeth. Qasab's first interviews. Conversations of the terrorist with their 'controller' over their phones.

I am still watching them... feeling very sombre and sad about the entire situation. The terrorists who were here to do the killing, they were so mesmerized by the richness of Taj. Reminding me of the rich/poor divide all over the world. It is such a sickness! If we leave a pool of stagnant water in our backyard, it will spread disease!


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