Brand Loyalties

Recently came across a brand loyalty situation where an NGO I am working with, happens to use a project management tool competing with the company I work at! I realized as I mulled over my brand loyalty conflict that this happens so often! Maybe I am not alone in this BIG Brand World :)

The Old Wives Tale:
I use Airtel on my mobile, its not great, often it Sucks! Incredibly Vodafone tracks the networks that connect with Vodafone users. So I received a call saying 'You call Vodafone numbers more often, so do you wanna switch??' (Brand Conflict!) I stuck on like an Old Wife to Airtel and told Vodafone that 'I am happy with Airtel' ... ...

The 'MY' Brand Syndrome:
Subway is by far my Fav sandwich/fast food/deli place. In fact I have even blogged about it. I consider myself a little Subway brand ambassador. :D So many friends prefer Mac Donalds, and well sometimes I have to go for Old Mac, but always in a condescending kinda way, always looking down at all other brands other than MY Subway.

I am in 7th Heaven and I grace you with my Brand:
So as I walk into the room, I don't just WALK in, I walk in with my Reeboks!! My sunglasses that cost more than your clothes, shoes and your today's meal :D So see me grace you with my Nikes.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.
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