Facebook Search for your Posts

After my last article, this one is like a sequel. Facebook, released search for posts today. All posts include status updates, wall posts, photos, videos, links. This is cool for people who don't mind going public with their fb. Thats what we do on twitter...

PRO: This facebook search is actually more powerful than twitter search due to the comments to the post. In twitter when people reply to a particular tweet, it cannot be seen together as a conversation for the 3rd person. A conversation can be tracked on twitter but via a 3rd party app or something.

On facebook however, on searching for the status updates all the comments and likes to it are available at one glance! Which makes it much more powerful to track conversations.

CON: If you don't wanna go all public, like as I said in the last post that while I tweet openly, I have kept my facebook as a closed network for friends and family.
If my friend has gone public on fb, all my comments to his status update is open for viewing via search!!

I just tried this out... and my test comment is visible. I have not gone public! Now this is a bummer! I cannot give a personal reply to my friends status update anymore, unless I am sure he has not gone public with his status update!!

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