Check or Uncheck your Facebook Privacy limits

When I joined Facebook the idea was that it was a very secure network and much better at maintaining privacy than Orkut. Recently there have been many changes in Facebooks privacy settings and many rumours about it too. Time you take a look at the Privacy settings in Facebook, and its implications.

In the Privacy section there are 4 sections:
- Profile
For all the tabs the options are Everyone, Friend of friends, Only Friends (smetime customize)
I had initially kept some options as friend on friends, cause after all we tend to hang out with friend's friends all the time. At birthday parties, movies, dinner etc.....
Then I realised that this is OK only if I have very close friends on fb, AND my friends also have their close friends on fb.

The truth is many of my friends are fellow marketeers with 1,000 fb contacts!

This means that till now my photo's and some other info was available to all these people who may amount anywhere close to 15,000 or more!!
(Never did the math before!)

Twitterification: If you kept you pics, status updates open for all, it would be a lot like twitter, but then better not post personal and private info! These status updates are now open to search!

-Search and News feed etc
Both these are fairly ok, I have mine as everyone can search for me. You can change that and also the info that the searcher can see.

- Applications
This is another one to see closely.
The overview shows the information that applications I DO NOT use can access when my friends use it. I decided no information should go to apps that I myself don't use so unticked everything. Lets see what that does.

Thats all, Folks!

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