Video upload, format conversion and Twitter

Recently got a digicam, Sony cybershot, and I decided to start taking videos... very journalist ishtyle. So got some good videos of the Wall Painting Project. Did not realise what lay in store for me in terms of uploading the video!! Seriously.

The videos from the camera were 50mb AVI files, good quality. They were small enough to be accepted by You tube and Vimeo, so it should have been fairly simple. However in comes the broadband of MTNL that I use, so even after a few hours, the uploads did not happen!

With some help from my twitter friend @pprakash I decided to convert the video formats. Downloaded the winFF for Ubuntu. Which is something I am proud to have figured out, cause it had to be done manually through the terminal. This is difficult for me cause I really don't understand all the sudo, get commands that one inputs in the terminal of Ubuntu.

After many attempts winff got installed and I converted the files to a 25mb mpeg4, but still the videos did not get uploaded. At this point I realised that the INR 1000 I pay per month to MTNL might not really be worth it.

Finally all frustrated, I tried one last time on twitter.... anyone.... and again got help when @skyn3t told me to change it to flv and then upload. So again converted the AVI to a 7 mb flv video. The quality was compromised but the video finally got uploaded on you tube, vimeo and other places.

So atlast after a couple of days of trial and errors I finally can upload videos! I wonder do others in India face similar problems? and if so what was your solution?

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