Online Marketing Basics #3

ROI - Tracking Traffic

One of the best bits about internet campaigns is that the traffic generated is pretty measurable. In a basic campaign which involves a URL promotion some basic ways to go about measuring traffic is,

Google Analytics: This is classic Google, free service with powerful features! You must have this enabled for your website or blog. Its fairly simple you just need a Google account to start of with analytics.

URL shorteners: With twitter comes URL shorteners. Since twitter allows only 140 characters in a tweet, sending usual URL's is not possible cause they are very long. These URL's eat up too much tweet space and sometimes exceed 140 chars by themselves. This led to URL shortening services. A popular example is These websites allow you to measure how many clicks a particular shortened URL received and how many clicks the parent long URL generated. So it gives a good idea about traffic.

These are two quick and simple ways to measure traffic. Do you use any different methods?

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