Hash tags for Twitter and Facebook

The hash tags are the norm in Twitter to classify tweets. Like for any environment related tweet, I will add a #environment to it. This way people who are searching for 'environment' on twitter can find my tweet. The reason for the #tag is that my tweet may not include the word 'environment' in it, in which case it will not be shown in the search for 'environment' unless I put the #tag.

This way twitter has a large number of hash tags, and I think it is a skill to figure most relevant #tags. For quite some time I was putting #ecology, #gogreen to my green tweets, but now I think #environment is the better tag. I am not sure, I need to research how to figure out the best #tag for a tweet.

Now as Facebook has twitterified and status updates on it are searchable, its time to use #tags for it as well. Especially for people with Facebook Fan pages, one way to increase your facebook pages reach is by putting relevant #tags and using good keywords for your status updates.

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